Starting my longevity journey

Here I discuss how I’ve found a Medical Doctor to assist me in my Longevity Journey, and the prices of the different options

There are several longevity practices that have a favorable risk/reward ratio. However, the best approach to these practices is to seek assistance from a medical doctor and measure everything before, during, and after different treatments.

Unfortunately, this approach was harder than expected. I am a 41-year-old healthy individual and a father of two kids living in France. However, doctors here don’t understand my posture. They say, “Come see me when you have a problem! Do you want to test stuff on yourself, are you crazy?!?” The standard French medical insurance price is low, around 30 euros/session, but it’s impossible to find a qualified specialist. After unsuccessfully trying some old-school doctors, I had to give up and look elsewhere, so I tried longevity clinics.

Longevity clinics are institutions where doctors are trained to help patients preserve or improve their health by evaluating them through extensive tests and medical exams. However, these clinics are very expensive due to the combination of state-of-the-art fact-based technologies and expensive non-essential services like massages and some controversial treatments, amounting to $20,000/year or more. I was only looking for “hard science” part, so I had to look elsewhere.

I attempted to contact some local French longevity specialists who self-labeled as such. However, I’ve found out there’s only a few of them in France, and they’re crazy expensive and super busy (starting at 5000 euros). One of them was “reserved” full-time by a biotech startup, and another missed our meeting. I wasn’t lucky with this approach either.

Eventually, I found a qualified medical doctor in the US at a reasonable price ($350/month). We’ll have remote consultations over the Internet, with a variable frequency of sessions, starting 1 working session / week, and then eventually it will drop to about 1 working session / month. I’m very happy with this solution, and my first consultation with her is this week. My action plan is as follows:

  1. Run a series of tests (blood tests, MRI, DNA, hormones, epigenetic clocks, etc.)
  2. Explore the results and detect any discrepancies
  3. Prioritize and choose the few more important issues to work on
  4. Depending on what needs to be improved, try lifestyle changes, food supplements, drugs, and measure how those values improve (or not) over time
  5. Share all the protocol and the results with you

I’ll post my first impressions as soon as possible. I can’t wait to see this moving forward!

The purpose of this website

My goal is to build the first worldwide community of people who want to reach a healthspan of 100 years of more.

After studying the last scientific breakthroughs about longevity, my conclusion is that this can be achieved through a combination of lifestyle choices, preventive exams and medical treatments, and food supplements/drugs, in the near future.

If you also want at least 100 years of healthy life for yourself as well as for the ones you love, reach out to me and let’s work on this together.