My goal is to help humans reach a healthspan of at least 100 years (hence the name of this website, hs100.co like Health Span 100 years).

After studying the last scientific breakthroughs about longevity, my conclusion is that this can be achieved as a combination of lifestyle choices, and food supplements/drugs, in the “not so distant” future.

The typical life looks like this for a western individual: roughly 60 years of more or less healthy life, and then 20 years of suffering, then death. This seems to be accepted as “this is how life goes”, “this is life”, “the natural flow of life”, etc … Some people accept it, and even more, consider it as some sort of religious wisdom, but I don’t. For me, there’s no glory in suffering, losing one’s joy of life and dignity (even one’s identity altogether with neuro-degenerative diseases). There’s no glory in being a burden for your family. There’s no glory in losing your ability to practice all the activities you enjoyed all your life because of physical or mental disability. Everyone has or had a relative, parent, uncle, etc. that slowly and painfully lost their life, why do we take this for granted, but we’re fighting other diseases with force, like HIV, or Cancer, or Heart Diseases?

We are a growing group of people worldwide considering ageing as a disease, which can be cured within our lifetimes.

If you also want to reach at least 100 years of healthy life for yourself as well as for the ones you love, reach out to me and let’s explore this fascinating subject together.