The “2060” Foundation: 40 years to change everything

I have recently created the “2060” Foundation with a small but visionary group of highly determined people: . Our purpose is to help Humanity defeat ageing by 2060. I describe in this article the rationale behind the creation of this Foundation, and also some details on the status and progress of the work being done by our team.

The World Today

The Modern Western Civilisation has been suffering from a chronic disease for the last 5 decades, and it’s only getting worse: it’s terrible and it’s called short-termism. It has become harder and harder to plan and execute any major long term project that spans on more than 5-10 years. We see it in Venture Capital: I’m over-simplifying, but no VC would invest in a startup having the potential to offer 1000X returns in 20 years. We see it in Politics: no politician will sponsor a project which will have results in 20 years from now, when his election term will be long gone. We see this short-termism everywhere.

There are some countries which are able to execute long term visions, and envision and plan for the future decades, such as Saudi Arabia, Arab United Emirates and China, to name a few. But winning the war against aging is one of Humanity’s biggest challenges, and need to be considered at the global scale.

The “2060” Foundation Vision

We have created 2060 to thwart short-termism: the Foundation will bear projects that promote longevity, and are not directly profitable or offer too long-term ROI horizons to make them fundable by public or private funding. We’re here to push and accelerate Humanity towards the tipping point beyond which the Longevity field will inevitably become mainstream.

We tend to overestimate what we can do in a year, and underestimate what we can do in a decade. Audacity, grit, determination and long-term resilience will pave the way towards major breakthroughs in the Longevity field. We will support all the initiatives and execute all the long-term projects that no one wants to focus on, but which are nevertheless of essence to move forward in Longevity.

“2060” is a Foundation and not a company because by definition a foundation doesn’t make profit (or the profit is reinvested by the Foundation back in Longevity projects). We want to be very explicit about the fact that our organisation is about adding years of healthy life to oneself, to the ones we love, and to Humanity as a whole, not for profit.

Thinking globally and long-term, acting locally and short-term

Having set the vision of the 2060 Foundation, we execute our plan with daily small and practical steps. No place for daydreaming! Here’s the projects we’ve started working on at the Foundation these days:

legal paperwork for the “2060” Foundation. For now, in legal terms, “2060” is a “association loi 1901” incorporated in France, not yet a Foundation. This gives us a legal entity on the short term, until the more complex paperwork allows our Foundation to officially come into existence.

a Longevity Investment Club. Finding Investors who understand and are interested in Longevity is still rare nowadays. Finding credible Startups and Entrepreneurs in the field is even harder. We’re gathering both groups of people around our Longevity Investment Club, to increase efficiency and transparency in the ecosystem. We want to see as many startups and investments as possible in Longevity. The Longevity Investment Club is up and running.

a Longevity Community. We’re offering whoever wants to know more about longevity, a community of like-minded people (now Slack), with online and offline events about this fascinating topic.

a Worldwide Longevity Network. Online presence is great, physical presence is even better. It’s not enough to meet online. The longevity community needs physical places to meet, hang out with like-minded people, do some blood tests, use some specific machines (like a DEXA scan for example, impossible to find in Marseille for example to my knowledge).

– as the team grows, and more and more people resonate with the Foundation goals, many other projects will be initiated by the Foundation during the weeks, months, years and decades to come. Stay tuned!

2060 and you

If our goal resonates with you, and you want to get involved in the Foundation, you can do a couple of things:

– sign up as an investor or entrepreneur in Longevity here, it’s free.

– sign up as a member in our foundation, and find out more about longevity and the fascinating people who push the field further every day, here

– last but not least, talk about 2060 and invite your friends to join for free

See you soon!